International School Admission in Korea and Psychological Evaluations

Psychoeducational evaluations can be invaluable tools in understanding and addressing the learning needs, social functioning, and emotional functioning of students. This is why some international schools in Korea may request prospective applicants to obtain a psychoeducational evaluation as part of the admission process. Schools want to measure students’ ability and make sure report cards can reflect the students’ ability. Some schools are more accommodating to students with learning disabilities, and it is not uncommon where schools to ask for psychoeducational evaluation so do not be alarmed.

Psychoeducational Evaluation

A psychoeducational evaluation may be appropriate when there is a need for evaluation of a student for special education eligibility or to determine the student’s current areas of functioning and need for additional educational intervention. It also provides the student’s specific profile of learning, strengths, and weaknesses. The psychoeducational evaluation is performed by licensed psychologists or supervised psychometricians. The evaluation gives the school teachers and admission team to determine how to support a student with learning needs based on current staffing and resources made available to the school. The most common conditions that may require support for the student’s educational performance include:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Specific Learning Disorder (in writing, reading, and mathematics) 
  • Language Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Emotional Disorder (such as depression, anxiety, anger, etc.)

After the evaluation, treatment and support recommendations are provided to parents and teachers so they can support the student’s ability to learn and be successful in their studies and within the school setting. 

Psychoeducational Evaluation for School Admission?

During the evaluation, a licensed psychologist or a psychometrician will ask the student to participate in a series of activities that assess multiple areas such as cognitive abilities listed below:

  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Visual Spatial 
  • Fluid Reasoning
  • Working Memory
  • Verbal Memory
  • Visual Memory
  • Processing Speed
  • Executive Functioning
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioural Functioning

Full-scale Intelligence Quotient (FSIQ), which summarises ability across a diverse set of cognitive functions are also provided. 

In the evaluation, the students are also a

1. Which Assessments Used During Psychoeducational Evaluation?

Specific assessments used for each child are different and depend on the variable such as the student’s age and their learning background and behaviour. This is why the assessments used are chosen specifically for each student by the licensed psychologist. Typically our psychoeducational evaluation consists of a Wechsler assessment such as WPPSI-IV, WISC-V, or WAIS-IV.

Feel free to contact Korea Psychological Group for more detailed information regarding the assessments used for your child’s psychoeducational evaluation. 

2. How To Prepare Child Before The Evaluation?

It is important that the student does not practice or try to prepare for any aspect of the assessment prior to the evaluation, as the results are contingent upon the student seeing the information for the first time. This includes not having access to any form of ‘practice tests’ online prior to the psychoeducational evaluations. It is especially important if the evaluation is being done online, that the student does not get access to the assessment prior to the evaluation. 

It may also help your child if you avoid using the word ‘test’, as it may elicit some anxiety. The best way to prepare your child is to encourage them to relax and just to try their best during the evaluation. The evaluator will also try to motivate the student and ensure they are comfortable throughout the evaluation process by building some degree of rapport, encouraging them throughout the evaluation and giving break times in between. 

If your child wears glasses, make sure to bring them to the evaluation. If they take any medication, please bring the medication to the evaluation as well. 

If your child is taking ADHD medication, please inform a staff member during your consultation to determine how to manage medication before, during, and after the evaluation. This is to get an accurate results, patterns of strengths and weaknesses, and, if warranted, a diagnosis. 

3. What To Prepare For Online Psychoeducational Evaluation?

The international school you are applying for may have requested a psychoeducational evaluation for your child. However, you may not have a psychologist or psychometrician near your area. You may also not have time to travel to a mental health clinic. 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now be evaluated from the comfort of your own home via online psychological evaluation. Below are some factors that you should be aware of prior to your child’s online evaluation. 

  1. Prepare all necessary materials in advance.
    • There may be some materials you need to have printed for your child’s online evaluation. Make sure you print all materials prior to the evaluation. 
  2. Make sure the internet connection is working well.
  3. Make sure your child is in a quiet place with privacy and is able to focus.
    • If there are any background distractions it may interfere with the evaluation. 
  4. Set up the computer, microphone, headphone, and camera prior to the evaluation.
    • Make sure all your equipment is working properly.
    • Set up your camera so your child’s face can be seen.

Please note that there are some cases in which psychological evaluation may not be best suited for your child. For example, a child under the age of 8 years is recommended to have the evaluation done in person than online. Consult with the psychologist or psychometrician in advance to make sure that an online psychoeducational evaluation is appropriate for your child.

ssessed if they have learning difficulties in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.

4. What Happens During The Psychoeducational Evaluation?

You are first asked to complete a background information form, which includes your child’s medical history, medication intake, potential stressors, family history, and academic history. A licensed psychologist at the Korea Psychological Group will review this background information, and then meet with you for a clinical interview. 

After the clinical interview, an evaluator will conduct the evaluation, which will include a series of tasks and questionnaires. We will also ask the parent or the legal guardian to complete similar questionnaires as well, as part of the evaluation. The questionnaires will allow us to determine if and how behavioural, social, and emotional difficulties may be influencing your child’s cognitive abilities. 

Once the psychoeducational report is ready, we will contact you to schedule a feedback meeting. During the feedback meeting, the psychologist summarises his findings and discusses areas of cognitive and/or emotional strengths and challenges.

He will also share specific recommendations with you and the school to help your child with their challenges, such as academic accommodations for school and tests and psychotherapy. 

Evaluation at Korea Psychological Group

Korea Psychological Group provides psychoeducational evaluations for school admissions. It is recommended that the evaluation is done in English to best reflect the student’s ability, as English is the predominant language used in most international schools in Korea, and the language the students will be studying in. The evaluation is available both in-person and online. 

Korea Psychological Group utilizes standardized and up-to-date assessments to ensure an accurate measurement of the student’s learning ability and intellectual level compared to their peers in the same age group. We provide a feedback session and consultation with the school teachers to provide a comprehensive overview of the students. We also provide a 30-40 pages comprehensive report, which includes diagnostic impressions and thorough treatment recommendations. 

All evaluations are done by or under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, with extensive experience working with students and schools. Please visit our website for more information about our psychological team. 

All services in Korea Psychological Group are appointment based, and we recommend that you contact us at least 2 weeks before the application deadline. For psychoeducational evaluation for international school admission purposes, we recommend scheduling an appointment as soon as you begin to consider applying for a school that requires the evaluation, as we may be fully scheduled in certain months. It usually takes 2 to 5 hours for the evaluation itself, and 7 to 10 days for the report. 

A psychoeducational evaluation is also available for non-admissions purposes, such as getting diagnosis or identifying students with gifted abilities. We also work with the international schools in Korea to determine the appropriate educational programme and accommodation for the student. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in psychoeducational evaluation with us. 

Request for Psychoeducational Evaluation at Korea Psychological Group

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to schedule a psychoeducational evaluation with us, you can contact us through the contact form, email, call or text message. 

When you contact us, please kindly provide us with the following information for faster processing:

  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s Date of Birth
  • Child’s Grade
  • School Name

If your child did a psychological or psychoeducational evaluation in the past, please kindly send us the report to us as well when you first contact us. 

Our administrative staff usually try to contact you back within the same day, and maximum within 2 days. We are open from 11 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Saturday. 

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